G.A.G Assailant

The peasants of the organization, they carry inaccurate little pistols.

G.A.G Responder

Carrying big shotguns, they love to spread bullet love everywhere.


Former humans who were the guinea pigs in G.A.G's Experiments, these foes will stumble towards you with more health than your average goon.

G.A.G Mercenary

Best of the best, these guys are top class soldiers armed with AK-47s.

Pirate Crewmate

These pirates carry very accurate revolvers. Don't stay still for to long.

Pirate Captain

Leaders of the pirate gangs, they like to shotgun you with their friends.

Female Zombie

Slightly weaker than your normal zombies, they make up for it in speed, if you get them angry that is.

Hans Frans

Big Muscle Zombies that aren't afraid to pump you up.

Balloon Skeleton

Too weak to stand up for themselves, these former soldiers get carried away sometimes.


Tanks come in two main flavors, shrapnel blasts or homing missiles. Luckily homing missiles can be shot before they reach you.

Strange Alien

It is unknown where these aliens originated from, but it seems they have contributed to the history of mankind, possibly for the worse.

Shield Terminator

Basically they carry shields. What else is there to say? Oh yeah, they might be partially human.


Artsy Fartsy

Basically just a big, tough, zombie.

The Crooked Cross

He spends most of his time cutting up fruit to put on his pizza. No wonder he's so crazy.

Chicken Legs

Chicken Legs has nearly impenetrable skin, except in one spot. I wonder what it could be . . .

Wrecking Ball Zombie

He tried to get pumped up like Hans Frans but may have taken the term a bit too literally. He's blown himself up to be some mighty god, but in all actuality he's not much but hot air.

Swan Goose

Saved by a WW2 Veterinarian, Swan owns a big castle in the middle of somewhere and carries two big machineguns.

The Shadowed Scorcher

A mysterious being that has a laser eye and two big D.E.A.T.H cannons on his arms, the Shadowed Scorcher guards the gate between the big brain and the rest of the universe.

The Big Brain

What brain you ask? Well just look inside that nice robot! The Big Brain is the CEO of the evil G.A.G corporation. He wasn't quite satisfied with a normal body, so he decided to upgrade to Godzilla size. Scientists have worked extra hard to put him in that big contraption, it would be a shame if he got violently removed.